RORS Private Sale ended.

All private sales of the current RORS token have been terminated.

Round Period Price
Private 1st Early Closing 1 RORS = 0.0045 STEEM
Private 2nd Early Closing 1 RORS = 0.0050 STEEM
Private 3rd Closing 1 RORS = 0.0055 STEEM

(*80% of the sales tokens are converted to STEEM Power, which is used to compensate tokens holders for voting, event, and marketing purposes.)

RORS Private Sales Appreciation Event

All participants in the 2nd private sale will get a reward of $5 worth of paid game items.
All participants who purchased over 200,000RARS during the 2nd private sale will receive a $30 worth paid game items.

(*Payment items will be released later.)

RORS Token Allocation

SP Delegation Event

SP Rental event is held to promote Road Of Rich.
We accept rent of SP on a four-week basis and will pay the RORS token.
We pay 20,000 RORS tokens per 10,000 STEEM Power.
* For those who have rented more than 5,000 STEEM Power, we give $10 worth paid game items.
* The RORS token will be paid in four weeks based on the start of the rent.*
* STEEM Power rent events can be closed earlier.*

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