ROR Token Economy

STEEM and ROR token will be the main payment method for ROR. The price of each paid item will be determined based on the dollar, and a discount of a certain percentage will be applied for payment with a RORS token. This can increase the demand for RORS tokens. All the paid STEEM and RORS tokens will be incorporated into the compensation pool 100%, and the RORS token holders and game players will be rewarded with 5% of the total tokens of the daily reward pool (except for the rewarded tokens). Five percent of daily compensation tokens are rewarded by 60% to tokens holders and 40% to the game players. Token holders are automatically rewarded according to the token holder ratio, and by excluding the company's holdings and unsold shares from the reward, and by excluding company holdings and unsold items from rewards, we want to return more tokens to holders who are staking tokens.

The 40% reward paid to game players will only be given to users who have incorporated their game money into the reward vault, not to all players. Game money can be acquired by playing the game (More explanations in detail below) or by holding tokens, earn game money from distributing at auction sites. Game money generated at the town auction site is paid to the token holder only 5% of the total auction fee, and 95% will be retired. Likewise, the game money that was incorporated into the reward vault will be retired in full to reduce the inflation in the game. The ROR project also requires a lot of marketing and external activities. ROR is going to give voting compensation to the SteemIT users and token holders who write, through the STEEM Power of the @roadofrich account, for ROR.

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